is an IP address which enables you to access your ADSL router. This IP address comes in handy when you have to access your router’s admin panel without using an Ethernet cable. With the help of, you can easily access the router’s admin panel without using a wire.

How to login into Login

To login into your router’s admin panel using, follow these steps:

  1. Open any web browser and click on or type “” in the address bar.
  2. Enter in the username and password.
  3. You will be now logged in into your router’s admin panel without using a wire!

What if I enter the wrong password?

While logging in, if you enter wrong username/password, you won’t be given access to the admin panel and before you can try logging in again, you will have to reset the system.

WPS Reset

To reset the system, you will have to press the hidden reset at the back of the router with a sharp object such as a needle for 10-15 seconds. Once that is done, you can log in again using the default password.

What if I do not know the password?

If you don’t know the password to your router then you can look for your router’s password in the default password list.

What if I don’t see the router administration interface?

If you are not able to find any router administration panel at then it may be that the router manufacturer has probably configured your router to use a different IP address.

You can find the default IP address for your router here.

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