Recover Router Password

It is a common occurrence that you forget the password of your router or you don’t even know the default username and password of your router. Some of you may be thinking that does that really happen? Yes, it does happen. Most people forget the password of their router and as a result are unable to access the admin panel of their router and make changes.

Option 1: Resetting your Router

If you changed your router’s password and don’t remember it now then the first thing that you should do is reset your router. When you reset your router, it wipes away all the configuration made on the network settings.

To reset your router, you will have to press and hold the hidden reset button. The button is hidden at the back of the router and it is hidden and for that, you will need a sharp and thin object such as a needle. Using a needle, press and hold the hidden reset button for about 10-15 seconds.

By doing so, your router settings will reset itself to factory default settings and reboot. After that, you will be able to login into your router using the default username and password.

Option 2: Look for Default Username and Password in the documentation

Router companies also specify the default username and password in the documentation that comes along with the router. The default username and password are also sometimes mentioned on the router’s box along with the router’s serial number and login address.

You can check the documentation for the default username and password. If the label for router’s username and password is not available, you should check out the list for default passwords of routers.

Option 3: Router Username and Password Database

Every router has a default username and password. If you can’t find that information on the router box or in the documentation that came along then you should look up for your router’s password in the default router password list.

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