is the default IP address for many wireless broadband routers which enables to you manage your wireless router panel. is the IP address which is set to the default of various routers and access points. In fact, one can easily set any router or local network to use the IP address This helps to avoid any IP conflicts.

Accessing the admin panel through allows you to change the settings and options related to the router.

How to login to

To access the admin panel of your router using the, follow these steps:

  1. Open any browser and click on or type the following in your browser URL bar “”.
  2. Once the page loads up, enter in your username and password.
  3. After entering in your login credentials, you will be logged in into the admin panel and from there you will be able to change all kinds of router/modem settings such as Security Options, IP allocation, DNS and many more.

How can I find the password?

If you are having troubles logging in into then you can easily found out about the default router passwords (in case you haven’t changed the password).

However, if you changed the password and have forgot it now then you will have to reset the router. To do that, look for a tiny hidden button at the back of your router. Press and hold it using a sharp, tiny object for 10 seconds.

It will reset the router to the factory defaults and you can enter the default password again.

Why can’t I access

If you are having issues accessing your router’s admin panel through then:

  • Check for any typing mistakes as most people make some simple typing mistakes due to which they are unable to access
  • If the gateway address for your router is and still it isn’t opening up, then make sure that you have turned off any firewall or antivirus running in the background which may be causing this issue.

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