Linksys Router Setup

This is the basic setup and configuration for most of the Linksys Routers. Although for some models it may vary, about 90% of Linksys Routers have the same configuration.

Make sure that you follow every step carefully. Let’s get started!

For Cable/Fiber Modem:

  1. Connect your PC to the Linksys Router using a LAN/Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your Web Browser.
  3. Type in the Default Gateway Address. The default gateway address for Linksys routers is
  4. You will be asked to log in into your router. Enter login credentials. For Linksys routers, the default username is a blank field(don’t type anything) and the default password is password.
  5. Now go to Setup > MAC Address Clone.
    [Source: Linksys]
  6. Select Enabled and click on Clone My PC’s MAC.
    [Source: Linksys]
  7. Now go to the Status tab.
    [Source: Linksys]
  8. If it shows anything other than, the connection is then established.
  9. If it shows then click on Release IP Address and then Renew IP Address.
    [Source: Linksys]
  10. You should be able to access the Internet. If the problem still persists, try rebooting your router.

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